Lifestyle Coaching

H.E.L.P. : An individually curated program designed to address the specific challenges you face on your journey to fulfillment.  You work one-on-one with Shawna Renee to identify beliefs and behaviors that impact your ability to master your health, well being, career goals and relationships.  In person or distance coaching (Skype/Google Hangout).
Urban Bush Woman – Health and Wellness tools and strategies to help you manage your weight, increase your energy and promote overall health and well being.  I’ll help you identify emotional triggers that lead to unhealthy cravings, discover alternative healing methods to supplement your current treatment plans as well as create an easy and healthy eating plan to get you looking and feeling your best. In person or distance coaching (Skype/Google Hangout)
Sister Circle: Small group coaching sessions that allow you to enlist the help and support of like-minded women.  Sister Circle, provides a safe space for women to tell their stories and learn from each other.  Members can meet for a weekend intensive or over the course of 6 weeks, once a week at an agreed upon location.  The Sister Circle program includes a weekly accountability call for each member as well as access to the F.A.B. Life online community.  (Weekly sessions for Washington DC Metro clients only – Travel can be arranged for out of town weekend intensives).