Know Thyself

For years I made the same mistake over and over again.  With each new opportunity or relationship I eventually returned to feeling uninspired, anxious and ready to move on.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong, until I did… Here’s how it went down.

F.A.B. Life 101: Husband Working Your Nerve? Remember This…

#MrSouthSide and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary last weekend. I shared the occasion with my folks on Facebook and in response I received tons of messages and questions about how we make it work. This week I’ll share the most important lesson learned in our first year of marriage – a lesson that applies to…

F.A.B. Life 101: Keep it Sexy with Frenchie Davis

If you’re afraid to talk about sex, this podcast is NOT for you. If you’re a woman who enjoys expressing her sexuality or would like to learn how, press play. This week Sexologist Frenchie Davis joins me for a candid discussion about how society, religion and family inform our relationships with sexuality and how to…

F.A.B. Life 101: Q&A

This episode of FAB LIFE 101 features our first “Dear Shawna” of the year and it comes from a woman who is ready to end a relationship that no longer serves her.

F.A.B. Life 101: Can’t Find Love?

“I’m smart, beautiful, successful and a good cook…Why can’t I find a good man?” If I had a dollar for every time I heard a single woman ask that questions, I’d be rich enough to buy us all drinks. Is there a secret to finding love after you’ve found success? Press Play.

F.A.B. Life 101: Boundaries

This week’s lesson covers the importance of creating and maintaining healthy boundaries Before you even THINK about saying yes press play. Required Reading: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend Quote:“No” is a complete sentence.” ~ Anne Lamott  

F.A.B. Life Principle # 1

STFU and LISTEN. A woman’s primary source of power on the earthy plane is communication.  We ask for what we need.  We speak our intentions. We use words to communicate our visions.  Sweetness spills from our lips when we are called upon to soothe a battered soul. Most Western religious traditions are built upon the promise…