F.A.B. Breakfast: Oats of Steel



Steel Cut Oats are my jam!

After noticing my cholesterol was high and my mind wasn’t as sharp as I would like, I started researching foods proven to help lower cholesterol and increase brain function.  It was suggested I make oatmeal a regular part of my diet, which was no problem because I love the stuff. But like most of you my mornings are crazy with trying to get everyone fed, clothed and out of the house on time, so spending more that 10 minutes in front of the stove is nearly impossible.  I was the chick that tore open a bag of instant oats added water and keep it moving.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t count. 20170326_110944

Upon researching better options I discovered steel oats were the healthiest variety of oatmeal, thanks to its minimal processing.

Protein, soluble fiber, iron, vitamin B?

Yup, they’re all in there.

Oh, and did I mention it takes your body longer to break cut oats down leaving you feeling fuller for longer?

They also take longer to prepare, even the so called “instant” varieties.  After months of experimentation I discovered the best way to prepare steel cut oats in overnight in the slow cooker.  There are thousands of recipes on line and I’m still working on getting through them all, mainly because I’m stuck on this one. 

As we prepare for the Spring and Summer months, I’ll be sharing more of my favorite recipes and suggestions for living a Fierce and F.A.B. Life both on the blog and on my social media pages (@iamshawnarenee).