F.A.B. Life 101 with Faith Hunter


A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.
To live a F.A.B. Life you must create and cultivate a community of like-minded women to guide and support you along your journey.
I’ve been fortunate to sit at the feet of a number of women who willingly poured knowledge into me.  Among them, my teacher, mentor and friend, Faith Hunter.
Faith is a world renowned yoga teacher, life-stylist and entrepreneur.  She travels the world teaching women how to live a “Spiritually Fly” life.  Faith has been featured in Essence, Yoga Journal and Origin Magazine.
Earlier this year I heard Faith was teaching wellness workshop for women, unfortunately I couldn’t attend but I wanted to know more.  Press play to hear our conversation about using feminine energy to tap into your power and find balance in your life.