F.A.B. Principle # 2


Know Thyself, then Check yo’ self.

I was born a Madison in the great city of Detroit, under a Leo sun. I am a graduate of the mighty HU and I’m left-handed! That means I’m generous, courageous, loyal, full of heart, passionate, smart, arrogant, uber sensitive, bossy and full of DRAMA!

Check it, this will likely be the most difficult step for many of you.  This step requires you be completely honest with yourself. One of my favorite quotes comes from a book titled, Running From Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit –

“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.”

This quote reminds us it is imperative we take responsibility for our condition if we hope to gain control of our lives.  FAB girls are not victims!  That’s not to say every challenging event in our lives is totally our fault.  

Everyday we come across people and situations that test our faith in mankind.  If you’ve ever been hurt, disrespected or worse by someone you trusted it can be hard to accept that you played a part in the outcome. But consider this, although you may have had little to do with the “action”‘, your reaction was all you.  And it is your reaction to these challenges that color your overall experience.

Do you choose to lash out when someone hurts you or do you instead learn from the experience and move on?  Do you sit around and mope when things dont go your way or do you get up and try it again – a different way?  

Do you continue to put energy into people and situations that don’t serve you and then blame the world when nothing changes ( that’s the definition of insanity, by the way) or do you cut your losses and move on to something bigger and better?  

Knowing yourself, the good & the challenging and accepting both is a crucial step toward achieving balance. Take a good look at yourself. Who are you? Be honest. Be kind. Get ready to be better.