F.A.B. Life Principle #3


The moment I was diagnosed with cancer I knew an integrative approach was best for me. I hadn’t done much research, nor did I know the severity of the condition, but I was certain I was going to give my body a chance to heal itself. Friends and family voiced their concerns, staged interventions and pleaded with me to consider certain treatments. But no matter how many times their fears attempted to permeate my consciousness something inside of me would immediately shut it down and say “NO, Shawna, do it your way” and so I did.

Some would call that being stubborn.
Some call it listening to your gut.
Some call it intuition.
Some call it magic.
Some call it God.

Whatever you call it, know that it is real. It is a power inherent in every person, but it is particularly strong in women.

Unfortunately it often contradicts our fears, leaving us confused and unsure which path to take. There are ways to distinguish intuition from fear. You’re already practicing the 1st step (see principle #1). The next step is paying attention to how certain thoughts and ideas manifest physically. Butterflies, shortness of breath, increased heart rate are all examples of how your body reacts to truth. One way to apply this principle is to sit quietly and bring to mind a question or dilemma. Consider each option and as you do pay attention to how your body reacts. Truth feels good, expansive and easy. Fear feels heavy, constricting and uncomfortable. When you’re done, journal your experience. After a few times you’ll start to see a pattern.