F.A.B. Life Principle # 1



A woman’s primary source of power on the earthy plane is communication.  We ask for what we need.  We speak our intentions. We use words to communicate our visions.  Sweetness spills from our lips when we are called upon to soothe a battered soul. Most Western religious traditions are built upon the promise if we ask we shall receive.  The focus is on the asking.  We spend time praying, singing, calling out to God for guidance , but rarely are we taught to just SIT AND LISTEN. Eastern religious traditions differ in this way.  The basis for many is stillness and the answers/truth are always available if we discipline ourselves enough to stop, drop and listen. Balance can be found somewhere in the middle.  Ask for guidance and then quiet yourself and listen for the answer. The Universe prefers to whisper, and does – at first.  Listen to the whisper, it’s much sweeter and easier to digest than the alternative. My initiation into the world of meditation changed my life.  The answers come quick and easy. The Universe conspires to manifest my desires. From a parking space to a job opportunity to true love.  Or, it could be meditating increases my patience and so everything feeels better. To apply this principle: give yourself 5 minutes a day, preferably after you pray.  Just listen.  All you may hear are your thoughts running wild.  That’s fine, acknowledge them without judgement and pay attention, those thoughts will help you with future principles.  Eventually your mind will soften and your spirit will take over the conversation, and that’s when things get juicy. 🙂