Pssst, I’ve got a secret…

The people you depend on for guidance, your yoga teacher, life coach, bartender or hairdresser, are just as  likely to be frustrated and confused about some part of their life as you.  Do you know why?  Because they’re  human and human beings, no matter how together they seem to appear on the outside, deal with pretty much the same stuff (fear, frustration, anxiety).  Some are just better at hiding it.  They learn how to blind the client with shiny bits of knowledge, inspiration and information to keep the client occupied long enough until they can figure out what the hell to do with themselves.


I know, because I’m one of those people.

And as such it’s easy yo  forget that real people are attracted to authenticity and can often see through BS, without even trying.  I’ve learned this the hard way, which is why despite my ego’s best advice, I make it my business to be as honest as possible about my own struggles.

These are the struggles that inspired the most intense transformations in my life.  The lessons I’ve learned from having made mistake after mistake after mistake after….you get the point, are what I use as fuel to power this mission.

And it never stops; I learn something new about myself everyday.  For example, just last week I discovered that despite my gift for inspiring other women to set aside time to commit to doing the gut wrenching- soul searching work that informs how they will live their best lives, I often fall short, waaay short, of doing the same for myself.  I spend all my time focused on motherhood, wifedom, and work that I rarely give myself time and permission to do me.

As a result, I’m constantly spending my days moving mindlessly from one task to another and my nights riddled with guilt and anxiety about what I didn’t get done – which is usually related to something having to do with my own personal development.   As you probably already know, stress + sleep deprivation = dis-ease.

Recommitting myself to a better more balance existence in and of itself is a challenge, which is why the F.A.B. Life approach is less about adding/subtracting tasks from our “To Do” lists and more about shifting our perspective toward how we want to feel and what we need to do to get there.