100% natural hangover cure: You’ll thank me in the morning

Happy Friday my loves!  More importantly, HAPPY FOOD REVOLUTION DAY EVE!!!   Tomorrow, hundreds of chefs, health and wellness advocates and foodies are coming together to answer the call of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver:

Food Revolution Day is an opportunity for everyone around the world to do something. The Food Revolution and Food Revolution Day is about empowering people through education or, frankly, just inspiring people to be more street-wise about food, where it comes from and how it affects their bodies. If you know how to cook you can save yourself money, feel better and live longer, and the chances are, your kids will follow suit. After all, we all kind of become our parents in the end.

In honor of Food Revolution Day I am going to share a fail-proof way to use fresh, organic, healthy food to cure one of the most common Saturday morning conditions:  THE HANGOVER.  As one who has been known to overindulge every now and again I can tell you from experience it works.

Here’ what you do…

Go to your local health food store today and pick up the following

1.  2 Bottles of high quality bottled water (FIJI and Essentia are my favorites)

2. Himalayan Pink Salt

3. Maca Root (in powder form)

4.  Coconut Water or Coconut milk

5.  Fresh/Frozen Organic Mixed Berries

6.  Banana  (peel & freeze)

7.  Gogi Berries

8.  Agave Nectar (optional)

Before you go out, make sure you eat and hydrate.  We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is a no-no, but getting your “spirit on”  while dehydrated is even worse.  Try to drink at least 30oz of high quality water 2-3 hours before you go out.  (trick:  Set your alarm to go off at the top of the hour as a reminder to drink 8-10oz of water).  As you enjoy your evening, remember to remain mindful of how much you drink.  You don’t need to be a party pooper, but if you slow down a bit (we used to call it “babysitting” a drink), you’re less likely to overindulge.  Remember, no matter how much you’ve had to drink, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Cut to Saturday Morning.  You’re feeling a little groggy, maybe you have a slight headache.  The first thing you want to do is drink 16 oz of water with a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt.  The water will hydrate you and the salt will replace the vital minerals and electrolytes you lost last night.

Next pull out the blender and add (in this order):  1/2 cup Coconut Water (and/or milk if you prefer a creamier drink),  1 cup berries, 1/2 frozen banana, 1T dried gogi berries, 1.5 teaspoon of Maca Root powder  and a quick swig of Agave Nectar (for sweetness).  Blend for 1 minute and put it in a pretty glass and ENJOY.

Here’s the secret:

Coconut water – Super hydrating with tons of electrolytes and potassium.  The lack of these nurti-goodies is why your head feels like someone is pounding you with a hammer

Berries:  The natural sugar in the berries will help metabolize any alcohol in the system and the anti-oxidants will further help remove toxins from the liver.

Banana: More potassium

Maca root: This super food gives you tons of energy.  This is especially helpful if you’ve got ish to do on Saturday morning.  Psst…Maca is often referred to as Peruvian Viagra – just saying 😉

This “Morning After Smoothie” is also great for any morning you feel like you need a boost.

By the way, I’ll be sharing more recipes like this during my 40 Days to F.A.B.ulous program in June.  Sign up now !