Can a jar of juice save your life?

Perhaps.  In the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, documentarian Joe Cross chronicles his journey to health as he embarks on a 60 day juice cleanse.  The results?  Amazing!  But don’t think you have to go “balls to the wall” like he did.  In just 3 short days a relatively healthy person will enjoy tremendous benefits just by replacing meals with fresh, organic juices.  I should know, juicing changed my life.  So much so that I started my own juice company, the Green Lioness Juice Company.  

I’m talking:

Weight loss

Tons of Energy

Clarity and Focus

Increased Libido (heeeey!)

Beautiful skin

I could go on and on….

Listen, I can’t lie, a quality juicer can be expensive and juicing is certainly time consuming, but if you can find someone willing to do all the work, why not try?  All you have to loose is a few pounds.  Like my trainer always says:  Do it for your haters, Do it for your lover, Do it for YOURSELF!

Check out the trailer for Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  You can rent the entire movie via Netflix.  I guarantee after watching it, you’ll never look at a bunch of kale the same again.  🙂