Maya Angelou Helps Women Stay Healthy

A woman after my own heart, Mama Maya Angelou recently announced she is opening a Women’s Wellness Center in her hometown of Winston-Salem NC.  The Maya Angelou Center For Women’s Health and Wellness will provide clinical programs affecting women’s health, including heart, wellness, cancer and surgical services, as well as maternity, emergency, bone and joint health and behavioral care.

We’ve read the stories, seen the reports on television and witnessed it in our own lives.  African American women are among the sickest people in the developed world.  Lack of adequate health care, healthy foods, exercise, sleep and too much stress are all to blame.  But you did you know that many of our health challenges can be eliminated with just a bit of preventative care?  It’s not always easy, but it is certainly possible.  I hope that other people with the heart and  resources will consider following Maya Angelo’s lead.  In the meantime, I challenge women, especially wives and mothers, to exercise their power and take control of their family’s well being by considering an  investment in health and wellness coaching.  Making small manageable changes now may mean the difference between spending the next decade of your life running around enjoying your family and friends or running from one doctors appointment to the next.  But if you do find yourself needing medical care, at least there are places like The Maya Angelou  Center for Women’s Health and Wellness that can help!

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